Additional information on the life and legacy of our 26th President can be found at the following sites:

Theodore Roosevelt Association:

The TRA is a congressionally chartered organization devoted to perpetuating the memory and ideals of Theodore Roosevelt.  It is essentially the equivalent of a modern presidents' library, but for a president who served before presidential libraries were in vogue.  In addition to promoting scholarship, the TRA is a service organization that runs police awards (TR was NYC Police Commissioner), high school speech competitions, and organizing giveaways of teddy bears to hospitalized children.  An annual meeting is held every year for Roosevelt scholars, enthusiats, and the general public.  The Association also supports the USS Theodore Roosevelt, a Nimitz-class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, nicknamed the "Big Stick".

The National Park Service's TR-related pages:  NPS boasts jurisdiction over four major Roosevelt sites.

  • The NPS page for Theodore Roosevelt Island can be found at  The site offers trail maps, information about the Junior Ranger Program, the history of the memorial on the island, and lists events at the Island.  The Island is part of the George Washington Memorial Parkway unit
  • Information about Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota can be found here  This NPS site is invaluable to anyone planning a visit to the park. 
  • Roosevelt's birthplace was torn down in 1916, but the site was soon bought by the Roosevelt Womens' Memorial Association (the forerunner to the Theodore Roosevelt Association), and a replica was rebuilt on the site as a museum and memorial to the 26th president.  The site is closed for renovation, but is expected to re-open in autumn, 2016.  More information may be found at
  • As an adult, Roosevelt built a sprawling residence in the woodlands of Cove Neck, Long Island.  Sagamore Hill became his family home, his refuge, and his internationally-known "summer white house."  More information can be found at

The Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site, memorializes the former Wilcox house in Buffalo, NY, where Theodore Roosevelt was sworn into office after the assassination of William McKinley in 1901.  The site has been lovingly restored, and now boasts tours, educational resources, and events such as Roosevelt Trivia and Teddy Bear Parties.

During his presidency, Theodore Roosevelt and his wife, Edith, purchased a parcel of land near Charlottesville, Virginia for $280.  Pine Knot became the Roosevelt's presidential retreat - a simple, two story cabin with no modern conveniences.  Today, the cabin is owned by the Edith and Theodore Roosevelt Pine Knot Foundation, and may be visited by appointment.

Dickinson State University boasts a treasure-trove of Roosevelt-iana.  The Theodore Roosevelt Center aims to digitize every Theodore Roosevelt-related document, photo and illustration that they can.  Their project has already digitized over 37,000 items, which are easily searchable on their website.  In addition, they offer a number of resources for anyone interested in Roosevelt.

The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library is being built in western North Dakota, near Theodore Roosevelt’s ranches in the Little Missouri River Badlands.  The facility will include an authentic 1880s re-creation of the Elkhorn Ranch cabin that served as Roosevelt’s headquarters during those years of western adventure and personal transformation. Learn more at

Harvard University's Houghton Library houses the Theodore Roosevelt Collection.  The Collection, which is found at Roosevelt's alma mater, includes many of Roosevelt's diaries, speeches, articles, books, and the archives of the Progressive Party, along with many ancillary items.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt, known to her sailors as the "Big Stick" is a CVN-71 Nimitz class nuclear aircraft carrier.  Named after President Roosevelt, her call sign is "Rough Rider," the name of the cavalry unit that rocketed Theodore Roosevelt into the national consciousness.  She carries 90 fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, and with a full complement of ship's company and airwing, can host nearly 6,000 personnel.  She is currently homeported in San Diego, California.  More information can be found at

 The George Washington Memorial Parkway Trust supports NPS and works to enhance the visitor experience in the entire george Washington Memorial Parkway unit.  In other words, they do for the GWMP what FoTRI does for the Island.  Their information can be found here

The Rosslyn BID (Business Improvement District) provides services to enhance, grow and maintain downtown Rosslyn.  They have been a supportive and wonderful partner to FoTRI and Theodore Roosevelt Island.  Their information is at